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A life in motion

Who can participate in Pilates training?

Basically everybody who is sport-healthy, enjoys movement or wants to feel it again.


However, the exact goal of each person differs. Please speak to me about yours. No matter if you're a sporting ace or a couch potatoe. No matter if it's about pain in your musculoskeletal system or complimentary training for other activities. Together, we will find a way which makes you happy & healthy.

Good to know:

  • Pilates is a method, not just a random combination of exercises. Success needs work, motivation and regular training

  • the holistic approach creates balance between strength and flexibility, between stabilisation and mobility, between body and soul

  • the workout is a training for the whole body. Joints, muscles and fascias get worked, tensions can get released better

  • your core, your centre, your Powerhouse will profit from this. It will straighten your spine, gives you a good and body posture and enhances your charisma Immenstadt

If you now find yourself with the question „Where is my Powerhouse?“ let me know and make an appointment with me. Discover it for youself! 😉

I'm looking forward to see you!

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