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Training that fits!

Pilates is an effective training method for strengthening the deep tissue muscles and to come to a better posture andmobility. This concept of fluent motions connects improvement of muscular power with flexibility. All the exercises are practised with a physiologic way of breathing. So it requires body & soul combined.

The 10 Pilates principles reflect the following:

Concentration - Breathing - Control - Precision - Balance -
Flow - Centre - Efficiency - Awareness - Harmony


What is BASI Pilates?

BASI means Body Arts and Science International. This Institution works with the latest knowledge of sport science and modified the classical Pilateswork for the best ever possible training results and -experience. 


BASI Pilates Germany

BASI Pilates International

Basi Pilates

The mat workout is always led by the principle of FLOW. The single exercises are done in a logical order and they get harder by the time you move fluently from one to another.​

Got curious about trying it? Do you have a question? Just give me a call or send me a message, I'm happy to hear from you!

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